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Vintage Clothing Condition Guide

Vintage clothes are of at least 20 years or older.  Due to the nature of pre-loved / vintage clothing, some items may contain minor flaws and show signs of wear. Our vintage and second-hand items are hand-picked and curated by Ev. Each item has been inspected and all visible flaws are noted in the listing. However, some minor flaws may go unnoticed. If you are concerned with the condition of an item please contact me with specific questions before buying at . We try to describe all items as honestly and accurately as possible and to the best of our knowledge through both text and pictures.

We do the best to show accurate color although color may be slightly different from our computer to yours.

We use these descriptions to make it easier for you to understand the condition of the items.

Excellent Vintage Condition - Near perfect condition, some wear to be expected.

Very Good Vintage Condition - Overall in excellent condition with flaws that aren't obvious when worn. Usually, we will add flaws to the description.

Vintage Clothing Care Guide

** All our items come freshly washed and lovingly wrapped.


To keep your precious clothes in good condition, wash them less.

Repeated vigorous washing damages the fibres of clothing, increases your energy bill and has a negative impact on the environment.

Always read the care label and follow the washing instructions when available.

Refrain from hanging your items on metal hangers, and instead use wooden ones to distance the material from rust and discolouration.

In some occasion vintage garments still release a musty smell even though it was cleaned. Just keep your regular cleaning routine and it will fade away.


Washing (machine-washable) clothes at 30 (where possible) instead of 60 degrees is always better for the lifespan of vintage clothing.


Air dry. Dry-clean or hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. In some colourful garments, the colour might wash out, so wash separately.


Machine wash in cold or warm water  with all-purpose detergent.

SYNTHETICS (polyester, acetate, nylon)

Machine wash in warm water with all-purpose detergent.

Clothing Care
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